Tourmaline (all forms of Tourmaline) cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy to a lighter vibration. It earths spiritual energies, cleanses and balances the chakra’s. It has a connection to the devic energies. On the psychological level it helps to understand yourself and others; it brings you deep into yourself and promotes self-confidence and reduces fear. Pink Tourmaline is a natural aphrodisiac, that attracts love in both material and spiritual worlds. It secures you that it is safe to love and be loved and inspires to trust love. It also tells you that it is very necessary that you need to love yourself first before you can be loved by someone else. Pink Tourmaline promotes the pleasure of sharing physical love. It cleanses the hearth chakra and clears negative emotional pains and destructive old feelings. It also gives more inner peace and relaxation, connects you with wisdom and compassion. Brings balance in a deficient endocrine system, it is good for the physical heart, lungs and skin. Blue Tourmaline or Indicolite has many metaphysical properties. It activates the throat chakra, and stimulates the urge towards spiritual freedom. It promotes paranormal consciousness. It sends out an energy of peace, and cleanses feelings of sorrow. Loosens feelings that have been blocked and it helps it to rise towards the surface, where they can be seen by you and be lifted and transformed. It develops an inner feeling of responsibility.

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