Ruby Sapphire on Biotite

Ruby gives strength and energy to life, it creates balance. But it can also stimulate sensitive persons too much. It encourages to have passion for life, and improves your motivation and to set realistic goals.
Ruby stimulates the Heart Chakra, and creates balance within the Heart. It creates a shield against psychic attacks and vampirism of Heart energies. This crystal also promotes positive dreaming and clear visualizations, and stimulates the pineal body. It I a stone of abundance and helps to hold onto your wealth.
Psychologically Ruby ends anger and raging energies and stimulates the removal of all negativity that has crossed your path. It promotes dynamic leadership. Mentally it creates a positive and brave state of mind. It improves concentration.
Emotionally it feeds the desires, awakes enthusiasm and attracts sexual activity.
Sapphire is known as a stone of wisdom. It focusses and clams the mind and expells unwanted mental tension. It gives peace of mind en serenity, brings physical harmony, mental and spiritual balance. Sapphire ends depressions and spiritual confusion and promotes concentration. Sapphire brings abundance.
Biotite protects against influences from the outside, and helps to cleans and deto the aura from negative energies. It realigns the system, making it able to have energies flow freely again.
It helps us to stay objective towards ourselves, helping us to make decisions and unfold ourselves.
Helps to keep focus on what is necessary, and brings directions into life.

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