Quartz with Clinochlore

Quartz with a coating of Clinochlore, are found in Russia, Komi Republic, Prepolar to exact. They are one of the most powerful crystals to heal the physical body. It energy supports cel functions and their regeneration. It helps to remove toxics from the body. Clinohlore helps Qi, Ki or Prana, to flow through the body again. Which works vitalizing for the body, and creates a feeling of wellbeing and happiness. This crystal also protects against negative energies, and helps to stay healthy, both physically as well as spiritually.
It helps to let go of ego, and promotes a positive, loving attitude towards others and yourself.
It stabilizes the heart chakra, and helps to come into harmony with your true desires and your soul.
It helps to connect with guides, as well as angels and deva’s (nature spirits).
They are also very grounding crystals, and are strongly connected with Earth.
They have a positive influence on the lungs, heart, blood circulation, intake of oxygen. Last but not least, these Clinochlore crystals will help assist you during exhaustion and depression.

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