Lemurian crystals

Lemurian crystals are perfect tools for lightworkers. They include unconditional love for our planet, and remember lightworkers that they do not only have to work on their own evolution, but also provide it to others. They give access to inner- and multidimensional state, teach us that we are multidimensional beings and give an objective vision on past lives. They break through illusions of separation and being divided from the higher lights, and teach us that real healing is just remembering of our spiritual self again, and that time is an illusion of of the physical incarnation. They show us how can go pass through the limits of “All That Is”.
Lemurian crystals are ideal to use in grids, especially when intended to connect with angelic realms. They anchor old wisdom into the present. They wake us for spiritual teachings and trainings, and recognize old knowledge.
The remove karmic waste, and remove karmic soul imperatives. Lemurian wands are great to balance and cleanse chakra’s. They activate higher resonances of each chakra and integrate them the light body.
Lemurian crystals teach us that thoughts are creative and how to reach their full potential when we use our thoughts with the best intentions and self-believe.

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