Garnet provides new energy and restores and heals in a powerful way. It cleanses the chakra’s and brings them new energy. It purifies energy and brings serenity and passion.
Garnet can warn you for dangers ahead, and it used to be a protective talisman in other times.
It inspires to love and dedication and rebalances emotional disharmony. It stimulates to awaken Kundalini and increases sexual potentials because it is a stone of connection and engagement??
It can be very useful during periods of a crisis, because it helps you in situations where there does not seem to be a way out or when life is traumatized. It activates and stimulates the will to survive and brings courage and hope.
Garnet promotes a wider range of consciousness and with the help of Garnet you can recall past life memories.
It also can help you with observing yourself or others, it dissolves useless behavioral patterns and goes beyond resistance or unaware sabotage of yourself.
It opens the heart and brings self-trust.
In addition Grossular is a useful stone during trails and other problematic situations. Because it teaches to relax and go with the flow, and it inspires to service and co-operation. It increases fertility, and improves ingest vitamin A.

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