Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz puts you on your soul path. It connects with the higher sources and opens up metaphysical gifts. It is a stone with a very high vibration for spiritual evolution. It opens the Soul Star and higher crown and lets divine energy run through the chakra’s.
On the psychic aspect it is a stone of transformation. It works as a emotional catalyst. It removes confusion, blockages and fears and opens your path to necessary changes which can abrupt and unexpected.
Smoky Elestial is a very good healer to purify. It removes negative energy from the area or yourself and replaces it with protective vibrating light. Karmic it removes a trauma or troubling energy from past life in your physical body and reframes it. It heals the ethereal blue print and the different energetic bodies. It cleanses and heals the ancestral path of trauma and emotional pains. It also offers multidimensional healing from cellular memories. It enforces the energy across the line of chakra’s.
Amethyst Elestial opens all higher crown chakra’s. Tuned in on the transforming violet flame this powerful stone stimulates the pineal and opens a connection with spiritual guides and stellar beings.
It supports multidimensional cellular healing and brain integration, counters the effects of drugs and alcohol.
Lodolite inclusions enhance the abilities of the stone it is included in, they look land a landscape (hence the name Landscape Quartz) where you can look into and travel and wonder in, to find inner peace and sense. They also work to communicate with Higher Beings or to find spiritual growth. It radiates harmony. Landscape Quartz can also be used to explore past lives, and multi dimensions in where your consciousness currently is. It also can be programmed to bring you what your Heart desires because it is a great manifestation tool.

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