Variscite Skulls

Variscite is a great stone that encourages and gives hope which is helpful during sickness. It opens the heart chakra and promotes unconditional love. It is very useful during reconnaissance of past lives. It helps to create images of different experiences by taking you deep into the feelings and experiences of those lives, and have them integrated.
It gives insights on different discomforts or from patterns who have been transferred and helps to modify them so it can promotes healing.
On a psychological level, Variscite helps to raise above despair, and bring hope and confidence. This stone ends pretentions and helps you to show yourself to the world just as you are. It calms the nerves and awakes peace within the heart. It has a vibrant energy that prevents you becoming too serious. Placing it under your pillow at night it brings a calm sleep.
Mentally it assists with clear thinking and observation. It promotes self expression and communication.

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