Tugtupite Skulls

Tugtupite is a very rare stone that is only find in a very few places in the world. These piece are found in Greenland. In short: Tugtupite is a stone that help you in getting or being independent, it moves all unwanted entities, mental imprints etc. Within your state of independence this stone will work on your Heart chakra by cleansing it, activating it, connecting it with your higher self and so on. So basically it is a stone that really will help you in being Love and help you in times of Master Shifts.
It also has the capability of tenebrescence, meaning that when holding them under a UV light, or by the heat from your own hands the pink color will change into crimson red.
Tugtupite is a stone of unconditional love, and attuning yourself on Universal Consciousness.
Tugtupite is a stone of integration, it connects the merciful heart with the enlightened spirit and anchors unconditional love in the world. It teaches you the strengths / powers of self-love, without that is not possible to value yourself or another or to give and receive love. Tugtupite is a very peaceful stone, it is attuned to the Pink Flame of pure love.
Legend of the Inuit say that the this stone wakens forgotten love and strengthens libido and passion.
It is actually one of the best stones to open heart chakras, cleans them, especially the heart seed chakra.
It has access to a new vibration of love making it able to realize a change of vibrations within the light body. It neutralizes anger and grudge, it ends unwanted use of your heartstrings. It transforms your own anger into creative energies and it is the perfect stone for recovering from a occult attack. Tugtupite ends connections with external needy sources. Mentally it promotes compassion, forgiving and unconditional love, especially from yourself. It helps to dissolve ethic dilemma’s. The soft energy is perfect against fears and anxiety, it stops consciousness of poverty and brings abundance on every level. It teaches emotional independence and autonomy. It makes you realize that only you are responsible for your own wealth, success and happiness. Tugtupite is helpful in situations where there is emotional blackmail. Hold it close to the heart chakra, because it promotes emotional honesty and intimacy.

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