Super7 Skulls

Super7 combines the spiritual and protective qualities of Amethyst, the cleansing and grounding abilities of smoky quartz, the energy enhancing abilities of quartz with rutile, geotite, cacoxenite and lepidocrocite.
Meditating with Super7 is a heavenly experience and it is a great stone to make essences off. This stone supports and raises the vibration of other crystals who are near it. It activates all chakra’s, and refined bodies, and aligns them with the highest spiritual vibrations.
It activates our spiritual abilities, and enhances all metaphysical activities. It heals physical, intellectual, and spiritual discomforts and reconnects the soul with the divine.
It helps us to remember that we are part of something bigger that goes further than human beings alone. Emotionally this is a comforting crystal.

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