Sugilite Skulls

Sugilite is a love stone, that brings Violet energies to earth. It represents love and wisdom, and opens all chakra’s to the stream of love and aligns them. Sugilite inspires spiritual consciousness and enlarges the abilities to canalize.
Sugilite teaches how to live your truth and remembers the soul about the reasons of incarnation. It can bring answers to great questions like “Why am I here?” or “Where do I come from?”. This loving stone protects against shock, trauma en disappointments and relieves spiritual tensions. Sugilite helps sensitive people to adapt to the  earth’s vibrations and makes you feel comfortable in those frequencies. It helps to find love and light in dark situations.
Sugilite stimulates forgiveness and ends hostility, it also promotes loving communication.
Psychologically Sugilite is beneficent for outsiders, misfits, and those who feel earth is not their planet of origin. It also helps people with autism by letting the soul ground into current reality and overcomes learning issues.
It brings insights on how the mind affects the body and at what places and areas.
Emotionally it teaches to face unpleasant situations. It enlightens sorrow and fears and promotes self-forgiveness.
It encourages positive thoughts and reorganizes patterns of the brain that bring learning problems like dyslexia. It removes negative energies and brings loving support.

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