Smoky Quartz Skulls

Smoky Quartz is one of the most effective stones to ground and anchor your energies, which at the same time raise vibrations. It is a protective crystal, and has strong connection with the Earth and Base Chakra’s. It promotes caring for the environment and ecological solutions.
It is a great remedy against stress, it helps to overcome difficult times and strengthens determination.
Smoky quartz ground spiritual energies, neutralizes negative energies and absorbs electromagnetic smog. Smoky quartz teaches to let go of those things that don’t have no use anymore.
Psychologically Smoky Quartz enlightens stress, fears and depression, and brings emotional clearance.
It can be use when having ambivalent feelings on being incarnated. It helps with accepting the physical body and the sexual nature, it increases potential and cleanse the Base Chakra, so passion can flow in a natural way.
Mentally Smoky Quartz promotes positive and pragmatic thinking, and neutralizes atychiphobia. It dissolves contradictions and improves concentration an helps with communication issues.

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