Shiva Lingam Skulls

A Shiva Lingam symbolizes the unity of the Hindu God Shiva and his wife Kali. It activates the base- and the sacrum chakra’s and increases and regulates Kundalini energy. It is perfect for spiritual evolution by tantra or sexual magic. As a symbol of sexuality and strong male energy this stone is sacred for centuries. It makes possible to unite antithesis, like male and female, or body and soul, and is a excellent stone for sexual healing.
Shiva Lingam promotes psychological insights and makes it easier to take a look inside to let go of everything that is obsolete. Beneficial to heal emotional pains of the youth, especially sexual abuse, because it restores faith in the male energy and in your own male qualities. It also can attract a sexual healing partner.
It reactivates the base chakra and gives it new energy and opens the road towards a new relationship. A perfect stone to perform self-love rituals with, where you can demand back your male and female energies.

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