Ruby Zoisite Skulls

Zoisite transforms negative energies into positive ones and makes a connection with spiritual realms.
It helps to manifest your own self instead of trying to following collective norms and values. It achieves your ideas and transforms destructive thoughts to constructive. It is a creative stone which helps you to concentrate on your goals after having a break.
Ruby gives strength and energy to life, it creates balance. But it can also stimulate sensitive persons too much. It encourages to have passion for life, and improves your motivation and to set realistic goals.
Ruby stimulates the heart chakra, and creates balance within the heart. It creates a shield against psychic attacks and vampirism of Heart energies. This crystal also promotes positive dreaming and clear visualizations, and stimulates the pineal body. It I a stone of abundance and helps to hold onto your wealth.
Together they activate the crown chakra and give better access to the memories of the soul and spiritual lessons. It can be very useful with healing the soul and with healing past lives. It has the ability to improve the individuality and at the same time connects you with the rest of humankind.

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