Nuummite Skulls

Nuummite is quite rare, because it is only found in 2 places. The Nuummite from these skulls are found in Greenland. It is a very strong stone, that is recognized by golden brown and blue silver flames inside, that light up when hold in the light, just like Labradorite.
Nuummite is a protective stone, that protects against occult manipulation. It could be used to retract negative implants and negative energies.
Spiritually Nuummite helps to turn the vision back inwards, and strengthens the auric shield, which is the outer edges of the aura. It helps to travel unnoted through other dimensions,  and therefore it makes it the perfect stone to use when traveling outside of the body.
The magical aspect of Nuummite should be approached with respect and a pure intention, or else it can turn against. It opens and activates the past life and the soma chakra and can create a deep movement within the consciousness. It can retract karmic waste and toxics from both the physical as well as the energetic body.
It has the ability to reprogram cellular memories and move blockages even when they are self-imposed.
It also is able to settle psychic conflicts, that are the cause of manipulation in the past. It solves problems that are born out of inappropriate protection by others, and helps to get rid of the defensive behavioral patterns that are the cause of the protection. After that Nuummite helps to reconnect with the true self. It can really get into the very core of you, and reprogram your thoughts and lets you be your own protection again. It produces respect and honor.
Together with Novaculite it can be used for ethereal surgeries, and to remove implants from other worlds, bad intentions and spells from past lives. Used with Tugtupite is creates unconditional love and forgiveness.

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