Moss Agate Skulls

Moss Agate refreshes the soul and makes you able to see the beauty in everything around you. It helps when you are sensitive for weather and climate influences.
It is a stone for a new beginning, and ends blockages or spiritual obstacles. Moss Agate attracts wealth and abundance. It helps intellectual people to get access to their intuitive feelings, and reversed it helps sensitive persons to get more in touch with their intellect.
It strengthens self respect and positive characteristics. Reduces fears and anxiety and strongly rooted stress. It creates the ability to get around wit other people and promotes the expansion of your personal space and growth. It inspires to new ideas and let someone try things a second time.
It promotes self expression and communication, balances the emotions and reduces stress. It encourages faith, hope and trust because it is a optimistic stone. Besides that it is a crystal that is useful for anyone who has depressions because of their living conditions or a imbalance within the brains.

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