Gibeon Skulls

Gibeon Meteorite was first found in 1836 in Namibia, and it is named after the place Gibeon, known today as Namibia. Since ancient times spiritual and older civilizations, like Kalahari Desert tribesmen, used meteorites to make arrowhead and assegai-heads.

Gibeon meteorites are composed of iron, nickel and small amounts of cobalt and classified as a fine octahedrite iron meteorite. Some other minerals that may be found in the meteorite are chromite, deabreelite, enstatite, kamacite, taenite, troilite or tridymite.

When polsihed the meteorites show Widmanstätten patterns, which are geometric patterns caused by the slow cooling process of the meteorite while traveling with enormous speed through the galaxy.

It is said it would awake Kundalini. Like all other meteorites and other outer space stones like Tektite and Moldavite, sensitive people can have very heavy reactions on its energy. Causing headaches of feeling a bit dizzy and weary after using it.

Funnily enough this specific kind off meteorite has a strong connection with base and root chakra’s. It would help spiritual development, attract knowledge, and helps to listen to the inner self. Helps one in trusting their own intuitions. It would improve communication and channeling, and could reveal any stored information as well. Meteoric iron is used for alignment and balancing; it symbolizes the aptitude and strength required for endurance. Nickel is thought to purify the blood and increase the body’s iron content.
It brings emotional balance and prevents one from impulsive tendencies. Using this during meditation will create a peaceful and calm atmosphere, and help bringing more concentration to the inner self and any spiritual tasks.

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