Emerald Skulls

Emerald is a type of stone that brings inspiration and an endless patience. This stone promotes and strengthens unity, unconditional love and promotes good friendships. When Emerald changes its color it would indicate unfaithfulness.
It opens the heart chakra, and has a calming effect on ones emotions. Emerald brings emotional, physical and mental balance. By focusing on the intentions and elevating the consciousness it will bring positive actions. It empowers the mental abilities and stimulates to collect wisdom from the spiritual levels.
It helps to get through the challenges of life by creating a strong character and personality.  It has the ability to heal negative emotions. It also increases the ability to enjoy life and is very useful for one who has claustrophobics.
It brings mental clearness, reinforces memorizing, inspires to collect inner knowledge and widens your vision.
Emerald helps to be different, and teaches to speak fluently and firm. It is a type of stone that creates mutual understanding within a group of people and promotes cooperation.

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