Charoite Skulls

Charoite is a stone of transformation, a soul stone which overcomes fears. It stimulates inner visions and spiritual insights, and helps processing during times of great changes on a spiritual level.
It synthesizes the Heart and Crown Chakra’s, cleanses the Aura, and promotes unconditional love. It encourages changes within vibrations, and connects with Higher Realms and truths.
It also brings deep emotional healing, it lets you embrace the here and now as being perfect and absolute.
Psychologically it integrates “negative” qualities. This crystal helps to accept other as they are, and frees you from deep fears. Very useful to overcome inner resistance and to put things in perspective.
Charoite reduces stress and anxiety and brings strength and spontaneity. It balances the Crown Chakra, which helps to overcome feelings of alienation. It helps to get sharp observations and helps when being led by thoughts and programs from others then themselves.
Charoite earths the spiritual self into the daily reality. It encourages servitude to humanity.

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