Agate Skulls

Agate is a stable crystal, formed out of microscopic quartz crystals. Agates are grounding stones who create emotionally, physically, and intellectual balance. They help with centering and stabilize physical energies. It has the ability to harmonize Yin and Yang energies, the positive and negative forces who preserve the universe. This stone, with its calming effect, works slowly but gives a lot of strength. The many layers can reveal hidden information.
Psychologically Agate helps to accept yourself, what will increase your self-confidence. It promotes self analyses and the ability to observe veiled circumstances and points out discomfort that disrupts your wellbeing.
Agates enhance mental functionalities by improving the concentration and better analytical abilities. The love of Agate for the truth encourages to speak the truth. Agates with clear crystals can stimulates memories.
Emotionally this crystal helps to overcome negativism and animosity or bitterness of the heart. It heals inner fury with love, and gives the strength to start over again.
It also creates a feeling of safety when it is time to remove inner tensions.
Spiritually agate raises the consciousness and connects you with the collective consciousness of the unity.

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