About Skulls & Stones

Thank you for visiting Skulls & Stones. Skulls & Stones is an online department store, dedicated to bring you crystals, crystals skulls and more, all with healing purposes. We strive to offer you the best  crystals and hand carved skulls and the best shopping experience possible.

Skulls & Stones was founded in 2012 and launched at the end of 2013 by the young entrepreneur Serge Varenkamp. After experiencing the many benefits himself, he decided to share its passion for crystals and their healing properties with others. In 2018 the website is fully redesigned and rebuild, to offer everybody the best online shopping experience among crystal websites.

Vision and mission

Our vision is that we are able to create a healthier society all together. A society where we see and treat each other as equals.
To see another as equal, you need to see accept yourself for who you are. Crystals are tools, provided by nature, to help us along this path of personal and collective development.
Our mission is to reach as many people as possible. Inform you about crystals, inspire to be your best self, and offer the best selection of high quality crystals and skulls. All with the best service and shopping experience imaginable and possible.

How we work

Crystals are obtained worldwide, at different circumstances and by different people with different intentions. Some people are here for the money and some for the pleasure. This creates a very diverse market, with a lot of wonderful people, but also a lot of pollution and fraud.
Our focus is to work with pleasant and happy people, cut the crap and work with miners and carvers directly, to bring you the best and clearest energy. Wherever possible we work with people with sustainability and positivity in mind. Meaning no use off dynamites and chemicals during their mining process, and no child labor.
We don’t work with synthetic created products, glass that is called quartz, heat treated crystals, or synthetic products energized by any self-acclaimed Houdini  or guru. We only offer natures gift.

Our Skulls

Most of the skulls we are offering have been carved in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Peru or Indonesia. During our selection process we look for independent carvers who have been given a talent, and work with dedication that comes from their heart. We work with carvers who put their heart and best intention into their work.
We try to avoid working with larger fabrics who produce skulls on a mass scale and use heavy chemicals and show a lack of respect for mother nature.


Skulls & Stones donates 2,5% off its total yearly revenue to charity foundations helping others in need.
Because the key in success is not to obtain, but to share. And since our planet is still heavily undivided, we try to contribute to a worldwide change here we can. Because everybody deserves the same chances and opportunities, but unfortunately not everybody has been dealt the same cards.
We choose charity foundations who have the most direct effect.