Tugtupite, a rare and very mysterious stone type, and one of those stones the world needs today. That is why this crystal has been discovered just recently.
The most common place where these precious beings are found is the Kvanefeld in Greenland.
It is one of my favorites crystals, and there is a reason why. It is the color and the energy together that makes this a very attractive crystal.

Legend has it that a female member of the Reindeer Inuit tribe named Tutu was pregnant. When she went off into the mountains to give bird to the newest tribe member, she has lost her precious life-giving blood. And there were she did the stones in the mountains turned red.
The Inuit also say that this stone awakens forgotten love, and that it would increase passion and libido, that would make the stone go bright red.

Tugtupite bos
The colors that these magnificent stones come can vary a lot. They come in in soft pink to brighter pink colors and even a translucent crimson red.
Now Tugtupite is actually a mineral that is within other stone and mineral types. The Tugtupite is hosted by mostly Quartz, Chkalovite and even Sodalite. Other minerals are also often included within these stones, like Galena, or Pyrite.
There are different varieties of quality. And of course the more colorful stones will be higher graded then the lesser colored ones.

Tugtupite slice
Tugtupite carries a very lovely vibration. It opens the Heart Chakra almost instantly when holding a piece. There are many different crystals and gemstones that to that as well. However, the difference with Tugtupite is the frequency, the feeling it gives. Because it doesn’t just open the Heart, it also sends a very pure feeling of unconditional love towards the Heart. It makes you feel accompanied by love from another dimension. Like another bright and loving being is stepping into your aura. It makes you feel loved, but also makes you remember that you are love as well.
The stones from a higher quality are more vibrant, and powerful. Nonetheless the ones from a lower quality grade will still bring the same benefits with a lot of love, but I will be brought one a more easier level and making it easier for some people to receive the energies from this stone.

It is a very rare type of mineral and the mining conditions can be very difficult. So it is valuable stone. The prices are determined by weight and quality. The pinker the stone, the higher the price.
Personally I feel that it is worth every penny, no matter the quality you pick. Because you will have so many benefits from this stone. And to me the energy from them is even addicting. It is truly one of the loveliest stones you will come across.

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