Welcome, to the mystical times of Avalon. Some of you have already been there in other lives. Some of you have read about it in books. Some of you may have connected with the Ascended Master Merlin. Some of you are dreaming of worlds, where elves, dragons, witches and knights are living together in Harmony.

Besides mystical fairy tales, Avalon is a very special place. For instance… It is said that the Holy Grail (the Cup where a drop of Blood of Jesus Christ has been captured in) is buried underneath a chapel in Glastonbury, which used to be part of Avalon. It is also known that several worlds and believes have joined together from the heart in Avalon. Like Cernunnos, Christ, and the (12) Knights of the Round Table.

With grace and gratitude, I would like to present a special energized grid to you. This grid is called: The Avalon Connection, and if you read a bit more, you will understand why.
Let’s start with a small introduction about how this grid was formed or actually born in the first place.
Within one of these pictures you will see 3 skulls. These skulls have presented themselves to me, at the exact same time when I discovered the chapel you can see within the pictures.
That was the beginning. The skulls found their way to me, and at that same moment, I discovered this chapel, which funnily enough really reminds me of Avalon in an energetic way.

When the skulls arrived at my place some of them where past on to others very soon, but 3 of them liked to stay with me. When they were around for a few weeks I started to look at them more often. And discovered some things… Each skull represents another being from the Avalon ages. They all behold their own powers and abilities. I also started to enjoy the materials they were made of: Preseli Bluestone, Cryolite and Nuummite. So I decided I would like to have tumbled stones from these materials in my store besides the skulls as well.
Not long after the tumbled stones arrived to idea of making a special grid was born. However, I knew the idea already has been born, that moment a discovered the chapel and the type of stones.

Now… About the grid itself. Like I mentioned, I discovered that each being represents a special power so to say. So I decided to get to know those powers, so I could energize and pass it on to the crystals.
In total I have done 7 manifests and rituals with the stones to create this grid. Here are a few:

1. First, I have called upon the following beings, to make their connection with the stones:
King Arthur, Queen Guinevere and Lady Of the Lake (because to me they are the same only resemble different periods of her beings. One of pure mystical powers, and one of loving and healing powers)

2. Second I have assigned the strengths of these beings to the crystals.
King Arthur: Courage, determination, perseverance and self confidence.
Queen Guinevere: Kindness, mildness, purity and trust
Lady of The Lake: Discovering mystical powers and mystical places within you in order to be able to manifest your own creations.

3 Third, I have placed them within the chapel on the pictures, and had the skulls to their thing with the crystals

Avalon 22
4. Four, I have set in the intention to the crystals to make a connection with the heart of the people who will use this grid, in order to remember the heart frequencies from the times of Avalon.

5. I have connected myself with the ever flowing Holy Cosmic Waters, to sit down in the middle of the stones, and have energized them with these Cosmic Waters. The intention of this was Cosmic and Earthly cleansing. Besides that, there have been a well within Avalon, or a fountain so to speak. This fountain was a fountain of Youth and Purity. This is the connection with the Cosmic Waters.

6. They have been energized by 2 Lemurian crystal for a full week.

7.That’s for you to find out….

Taking place within this grid do many things with you. It can connect you with these mystical beings. Or it can empower you with one of their powers, and exactly that you need in the moment. It will awaken your heart on different levels, in order to find courage within your heart or your own gentle kindness. Most of it will take place in other worlds, and will do a lot for your energy. The best way to integrate those energies and memories is to use Boji Stones or Smoky Quartz afterwards.

There are 10 grids available for now and each grid costs € 77,- Just one click away to get yours.