With the loving support from Archangel Uriel and his friends, Skulls & Stones is happy to provide you with these energized grids of Petalite.
This grid is made out of 10 pieces of Petalite.
Petalite is a stone that already resonates with the Angelic Realm. With a high vibration petalite opens cosmic awareness . It supports spiritual cleansing. This stone calms the aura, opens the throat and the higher crown chakra and connects with high spiritual vibrations.

This energized grid is made with the intention of world peace. Together with Archangel Uriel
and a Lemurian sphere, we have activated the stones at a sacred place and captured the Angelic frequency within every stone. So all stones placed together create an Angelic Portal.

You can simply set up the grid and take place inside it. Giving you the opportunity to work with the different Archangels inside this grid. You also can use it activate light and cosmic gates at certain places where you feel is needed to help mother Earth and the people on it. Besides working with it in groups, you can use for self healing as well. You can actually do anything you feel is right within this high vibrating portal.

This is a message from Archangel Uriel: “My dearest friends, thank you for understanding that the world needs healing, now when the time is right we will open more cosmic gates together with the help of the Archangels, the ascended masters, an off course you. You are unmistakably the true gods and it is because of you that the earth moves and the sun shines. With the upmost respect and the warming glow of love I would like to thank you for doing all you can, making the earth a better place.
We are at your side and at your service at all time, because we simply love you. Don’t be afraid of the darkness inside, please have no doubts about yourself doing your “job” right. It’s your intention and wish to create a more loving place that is heard by us.  And we take loving action upon that. As a matter of fact your intention and hard work already created more light on earth and in the universe. Thank you and be blessed. Uriel.”

And to continue your light work, and to open more cosmic gates or energetic portals we have created this Petalite grids, which are tuned in on the Angelic world. It is already charged, you can simply activate it by placing the stones in a circle and putting the right intention to it.
What makes it unique that you can take it with you, giving you the ability to work with it at home, in groups or outside at sacred places, so you can simply create light at more places all over the globe.
Every set consists of 10 pieces, weighing between 60 to 80 grams and piece of dark green Kunzite.
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