david star 4 GEBRUIKEN!

After the first special grid Skulls & Stones has created, we came up with a second special energized grid. This grid has been created with the help of Ascended Masters (one in particular), and is created with the intention of personal happiness, bliss and prosperity. It is made out of 6 pieces Quantum Quattro and one piece of Boli Stone. Boli Stone has only recently been discovered and is the stone of world peace.

Each grid carries the resonance and intention of personal happiness no matter what you have experienced or what memories you are carrying with you, and whatever is happening in the present. Because every being has the right to feel happy and free, no matter what. This energized grid will heal your personal being, restore personal imbalance, heal your personal ethereal blueprint and will transform negative mental imprints. The Star of David symbolizes both male and female. This grid will bring balance on both of the male and female sides of ones personality. This can create a form off inner peace.

The centre piece is a Boli Stone. That will cleanse the hearth from old emotions, and promotes to speak out your personal truth. This will create well being as well, because you will experience that you are allowed to speak out, that you are allowed to be. Each individual stone will connect with the centre piece, and will sent its energy to the centre. When taking place inside the crystal grid you can hold the centre piece and by doing so you will become the centre yourself.

The energy of this grid will take you to a cosmic healing chamber, were personal guides but also Devas, Ascended Masters and Archangels can be present to heal what can be healed at that specific moment. The good thing about this is: you don’t have to do anything, everything that will happen will be done for you. You only need to relax, that’s it. You can use it weekly or by weekly, whatever feels right for you.

Every set consists of 6 pieces Quantum Quattro and 1 Boli Stone. Quantum Quattro is a stone of transformation towards new paths of light. The vibration of this crystal is very high and fast, and is tuned in on the big shift we have been making before and after 12-12-12. And we are still making this shift, so this stone is still very important and useful for any light worker who is contributing to this shift.

Each set will cost € 125,- and won’t have to be cleansed..… ever.
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