Now that we are moving further towards 2014 the Crystal skulls are getting more and more popular. And that is not without reason. The time for us to work with crystal skulls on a more intense level is here. The crystal skulls are more than happy to guide us on a personal level, but also on a global and universal scale. They are opening up our inner light, our inner soul that has been put aside for far too long. They can be good companions bringing protection, reflection and warmth. Besides that you may already know that they are great friends and helpers to work with when you are practicing spiritual work like healings or readings. Spreading and collecting knowledge the skulls are connected with high spiritual forces, helping us move the world into new dimensions. Crystal skulls have been used for eons. Providing us with protection, spiritual information and teachings of the higher realms. Mayan Indians used them, but even during lives in Atlantis these magnificent creatures were around.


The handmade skulls offered here for sale are amazing and lovely. They behold a lot of knowledge, they can be really funny but most of all they are willing to give a lot of love. Teaching and awaking your inner light. They are activated within a energetic portal with The Light of The Sun, and the harder they work the more light is spread around. Useful for personal use but also in groups. Working with these skulls will open up other dimensions, whether it is the dimension of the ascended masters, the angelic realms or the devic worlds. They are here to simply bring what you need. The energy is clean and the stones are from the most astonishing quality.

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