Yowah Opal
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Yowah Opal

Such a great and amazing patterned piece of Yowah Opal, with very nice colors. One side shows different varieties of green. And the other side shows deep neon colored blue dots. To see all the colors you actually should hold the stone within the light and move it around. So I hope the pictures show you the essence of the stone.
Energetically this piece of Yowah Opal show many benefits. Fr instance it activates the Crown Chakra, aligns it with the Heart, it activates the base Chakra, and ground your energies slighty while the different Chakra’s are getting aligned with each other. Amazing piece.


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Additional Information

Size: 2,5 cm high x 1,4 cm wide x 0,3 cm thick
Weight: 3,2 grams

Yowah Opal is rare form of Opal from Australia. They come with lovely patterns and colors between the iron like stone around it. The colors within are amazing and can come from purple to blue or orange.
It has many benefits, but like all Opal, it will confront you with your inner feelings that have neglected for a longer period of time. That can be confronting but nonetheless this can be a very helpful stone during times of transformation.
It awakes and opens the third Chakra to help you feel and become aware of what feelings are stil living in there that hasn’t seen the Light yet. It connects the third with the second chakra and aligns them for a better understanding of the inner self.
Because there are different iron minerals included it also grounds your energy, and slowly and gently bring you back into your body.
It works on the Heart Chakra as well by reducing stress and bringing calming energies.