Vera Cruz Amethyst
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Vera Cruz Amethyst

This is a chunky piece of Amethyst from Vera Cruz Mexico, it has some Chlorite attached at the bottom and rainbows inside, which are lovely.   This lovely crystal has a very nice bright purple color, and will be a great addition to any altar. This is a high vibrating crystal that awakes self love.


€ 15,00

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Additional Information

Size: 3,3 cm high x 1,5 cm wide x 1,5 thick
Weight: 11 gram

Vera Cruz Amethyst works with your ethereal blueprint and your refined DNA codes to bring deep inter dimensional and cellular healing.
It is a crystal that can be used for Shamanic work on higher levels, it protects so safe spiritual traveling is provided. Besides that it also it is able to bring you in a state of mind between alpha and beta brainwaves and promotes meditation. Placed on the soul star chakra it gives access to levels of vibrations were souls meet each other and fuse.
It will activate all the chakra’s but especially the higher chakra’s like the crown, the higher crown, the soul star chakra, and the higher heart and it will align them with your light body.
Each stone carries personal DNA codes and will connect you with the ever transforming violet flame. It will cleanse the aura and transform or scare off energies that don’t belong inside your aura, making room to fill the aura with the brightest light to prepare yourself for the next step.