Turquoise Skull
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Turquoise Skull

This is a very cute Turquoise Skull, carved in a signature style from a good quality Turquoise. It has a very nice turquoise color with brown and green accents and patterns.
It carries a very sweet and nurturing energy and helps you recharge after a long day. A great skull that will easily fit in any skull family.

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Additional Information

Size: 4 cm high x 3,5 cm wide x 5 cm deep
Weight: 97,1 grams

Turquoise is a efficient healer, brings comfort to the spirit, mind and body. A protective stone, and it is said that it would change its color to warn for upcoming dangers.
It promotes spiritual attunement on and communication with the physical and spiritual worlds.
Placed on the Throat Chakra it removes old promises and abandonments, and helps to let the soul speak out freely more than ever.
A cleanses and purifying stone, which moves out negative energies, moves electromagnetic smog. It brings balance in all Chakra’s, aligns them with the finer energetic bodies, and attunes into the physical world of the spiritual.
Within the traditional thinking it unites the Earth and the Air and brings the Males and Female energies together. It promotes empathy and balance.
Turquoise helps to solve problems and clams the nerves when speaking in public.
Psychologically it is stone that brings strength. It removes and dissolves self-sabotage. It bring inner peace, and promotes creative expression.
Emotionally Turquoise stabilizes mood swings and promotes romantic love. Physically Turquoise is a beneficent stone to heal exhaustion, depressions or panic attacks. It protects from outside influences.