Turquoise Skulls

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  • Turquoise Skull

    Turquoise Skull

    You are looking at a lovely and very cute Turquoise Skull, carved from a high quality Turquoise.
    It has a lovely carving style, the surface of this skull is shiny and the colors are very nice. Her energy is very tender and calming, meditating with her will create a very quiet and comfortable surrounding around the body and aura. If you can see colors the color Turquoise (off course) can be seen around you. A very nice energy to experience especially after long days, or when you are having difficulties to create your own calm and tender moments and space.

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  • Rare Turquoise Skull

    Rare Turquoise Skull

    This is probably the best Turquoise Skull you will encounter today. Made from stabilized Arizona Turquoise and carved with the most lifelike details, for instance the teeth have been created with most exquisite eye for detail. Turquoise skulls are rarely seen, and this particular skull is really one of the best, and quite large as well. The two colors make a nice contrast and the turquoise has a wonderful webbing, creating a natural painting.
    Besides its physical appearance it also has a wonderful energy. Calming and also empowering in self confidence. This skull will be a great addition to your altar, and can help with personal growth. Rare skull!

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  • Brown Turquoise Skull

    Brown Turquoise Skull

    You are looking at a Brown Turquoise Skull, carved from caramel to brown colored Turquoise from the famous Damale mine in Nevada. Brown Turquoise is a natural variety of Turquoise and is colored by the host rock surrounding the Turquoise over many years.
    This particular skull is carved with extreme precision to create the most amazing details. Because of the many details it gives the skull a bit of an evil look, but there is nothing evil about this wonderful and rare fellow. The energy is actually really tender, like its energy is gently stroking the aura to let you know you are safe and protected, so you can feel confident about opening up to the world some more.
    This skull has many colors blending in with each other, like a darker brown, caramel, yellow and touches of green. It is truly an astonishing skull, that is really one of a kind. It is really exclusive and there is only one made from this rare mineral. It will easily blend in with other crystal and skulls, especially those who have a strong grounding energy. Rare and wonderful skull!

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  • Turquoise Skull

    Turquoise Skull

    This is a very cute Turquoise Skull, carved in a signature style from a good quality Turquoise. It has a very nice turquoise color with brown and green accents and patterns.
    It carries a very sweet and nurturing energy and helps you recharge after a long day. A great skull that will easily fit in any skull family.

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