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A very nice dark green colored piece of Tsavorite from Tanzania. This green form of Garnet is a powerful stone that opens the throat, heart, and solar plexus in order to receive love and new energies to gain strength and confidence. A lovely stone to help you be able to love yourself.


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Size: 1,5 long x 1 cm wide x 0,7 cm high
Weight: 1,7 grams

Tsavorite is a rare form of Garnet, it is found in Tanzania. The planet that this stone resonates with is Venus. Spiritually this stone can be useful to those who are tired or depressed because it awakens and opens up the heart chakra. Besides that, it has the ability to ground and cleanse your heart energies. It helps you to connect with higher realms and spiritual beings. In earlier ages this stone has been used to Greek and Egyptian Gods in order to receive wisdom and knowledge from those era’s.
Tsavorite brings abundance and prosperity, it is attuned to the Green Flame of Light, that is focused on the heart chakra. It helps to overcome daily life challenges, because it brings strength, courage and emotional balance.
It also helps you to get to know yourself better, and helps you to discover your inner beauty and the beauty of those who come into your life. Physically it improves the energy flow within the meridians and the liver and the heart. It also helps to reduce nightmares.