Tourmaline on Quartz
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Tourmaline on Quartz

Great rough chunky looking piece of white colored quartz, hosting many green Verdelite Tourmaline crystals on the outside. Energetically the quartz hosting rock is actually amplifying the vibrations of the green Tourmaline crystals. And they are very happy to be at work. Opening, cleansing and awakening the Heart Chakra, and just giving its carrier a happy feeling. Wonderful green Tourmaline on Quartz specimen from Brazil, great to have beside you during processes of self-love and letting go!


€ 45,00

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Additional Information

Size: 3 cm high x 4,6 cm wide x 4 cm deep
Weight: 70,8 grams

Tourmaline (all forms of Tourmaline) cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy to a lighter vibration. It earths spiritual energies, cleanses and balances the chakra’s. It has a connection to the devic energies. On the psychological level it helps to understand yourself and others; it brings you deep into yourself and promotes self-confidence and reduces fear.
Green Tourmaline opens the hearth chakra and promotes compassion, tenderness, patience and the feeling to belong. It brings balance and transforms negative energy into positive. Like other green colored stones it ensures piece of mind and can be taken to bed to sleep better.