Tourmaline in Quartz
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Tourmaline in Quartz

These kind off crystals are giving the extra joy to my work! Natures wonder captured inside a wonderful crystal. Many black tourmaline needles included in a cloudy piece of quartz. Nicely polished as well, giving a better access to look inside. This amazing Tourmaline in Quartz crystal is from Brazil, and its energy is refreshing, as well as grounding and cleansing. It feels like it is aligning the Chakra’s, and cleansing the energetic bodies and filtering non functioning energies. It also sheds a protective shield around you. Great crystal!


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Additional Information

Size: 5,3 cm high x 4,8 cm wide x 2,2 cm deep
Weight: 75,5 grams

Tourmaline (all forms of Tourmaline) cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy to a lighter vibration. It earths spiritual energies, cleanses and balances the chakra’s. It has a connection to the devic energies. On the psychological level it helps to understand yourself and others; it brings you deep into yourself and promotes self-confidence and reduces fear.
Black Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic smog and radiation, psychic attacks, sorcery and witchcrafts, magic spells and negative energies. It creates a connection between the base chakra, earths energies, and enhance vitality which will also reduce stress and tensions. Helps to keep a rational state of mind, and a relaxed attitude. It stimulates practical creativity and altruism.