Pink Tourmaline
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Pink Tourmaline

Very lovely piece of Pink Tourmaline. It has a lot of love to share, its energy goes directly to the hearth, opening it and protecting it with the high frequency of love.

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Additional Information

Size: 5cm (long) x 1,7cm (wide) x 1,3cm (high)
Weight: 23 gram

Pink Tourmaline is a natural aphrodisiac, that attracts love in both material and spiritual worlds. It secures you that it is safe to love and be loved and inspires to trust love. It also tells you that it is very necessary that you need to love yourself first before you can be loved by someone else. Pink Tourmaline promotes the pleasure of sharing physical love. It cleanses the hearth chakra and clears negative emotional pains and destructive old feelings.
It also gives more inner peace and relaxation, connects you with wisdom and compassion. Brings balance in a deficient endocrine system, it is good for the physical heart, lungs and skin.