Tiffany Stone
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Tiffany Stone

Another very special and nice piece of Tiffany Stone. It has a very lovely pink color, with some brown accents. The energy of Tiffany Stone is amazing, just as with this piece. It lets you feel love and energy within again.

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Additional Information

Size: 2 cm high x 1,6 cm wide x 1,3 cm deep
Weight: 4,5 grams

Tiffany Stone, also known as Bertrandite, is a very rare mineral. It is found in in Utah only, and it is formed around 2 billion years ago consisting out of different minerals. It is very rare since it is prohibited to mine any stones from this mine since a few years.
Tiffany stone has a very high vibration and it reinforces the intuition. It opens up the Higher Crown Chakra’s and is able to connect you with multi-dimensions.
More importantly it promotes perseverance and consistency, and helps you to stay on your soul path, wherever it leads you.
It removes every energetic blockage within your energetically body and helps you with any change in your life by sharing emotional strength. It encourages you to clean and open up on emotional levels as well. It sends unconditional love towards the Heart and the Higher Heart Chakra’s.
It makes clear thinking easier, and helps you to speak out about hidden feelings or emotions. It lets energy run free through your body, which can be felt when holding these stones. It provides new energy to the Chakra system. Last but not least this stone can be very useful when practicing tantric forms, because and simulates the libido and awakens sexual energies.