Tektite Skulls

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  • Tektite Skull

    Tektite Skull

    This a strong and vibrant Tektite Skull, made from black Tektite found in China. Carved with precision, in a unique style as well. This fellow looks really sweet, but the energies from Tektites can be pretty strong. Funnily this skull can bring you back into your base Chakra.
    When holding it against the light you can see it isn’t really black, but brown and glassy. My advice is to use Boji Stones or other grounding stones after using this skull, otherwise you can be a bit unearthed

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  • Tektite Skull

    Tektite Skull

    You are looking at a great and rare Tektite skull made from black Tektite that has been found in China. The carving style is nice, looking a bit like a mixture of a regular skull and an alien being, very nice.
    The energy of Tektite is very strong and otherworldly, and that is the case with this skull as well. However it is still able to bring protection and self love, and also in an Earthly manner.
    Very nice and rare skull, because it is difficult to find Tektite’s large enough to carve into these lovely small skulls.

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