Smoky Quartz

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  • Clear Smoky Quartz

    Clear Smoky Quartz

    This is a very nice piece of clear Smoky Quartz that also has some rutile inside (barely noticeable on the pictures). Angel feathers inside, and some phantom like layering made out some form of iron or oxygen. It beholds a very comfortable and soothing energy makes you feel safe and grounds the ethereal body.


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  • Landscape Quartz

    Landscape Quartz

    This is truly a stunning piece of Smoky Landscape Quartz from Brazil. The quality of the Smoky Quartz itself is great, crystal clear as I would like to say. Beside the Lodolite inclusions there is a white phantom in the top of the crystal, and there are some small rainbows here and there. Amazing. However the back of the crystal looks “damaged” and that occurred during the polishing process. A small bit of the outside crystal probably chipped off, and revealing the included Lodolite on the physical surface, and I say “damaged” because to me it is just part of the crystal and doesn’t feel damaged at all. In fact this is one of my favorite pieces, and will look great on your altar and will work perfectly within a crystal grid.


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  • Manifestation Quartz

    Manifestation Quartz

    One of the first crystals I have purchased for this webshop a few years ago. And a personal favorite. This is truly a wonderful piece of Smoky Manifestation Quartz from Brazil. At the top of the crystal a quite large crystal has been fully enclosed. And is just waiting for your intentions you would like to manifest, and once he received them , he will go in working mode for you.
    The included crystal seems to have rainbow coating on the outside. And the beauty doesn’t stop there, no, this wonderful Smoky Quartz crystal is also filled with white milky phantoms. Wonderful.
    Energetically it is real blessing, once held it reduces stress, ground your energies, creates a calm space around you, so you can feel and think what to manifest or just enjoy being free of stress for that moment. A really stunning piece and quite rare as well!


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  • Smoky Phantom Quartz

    Smoky Phantom Quartz

    Wow. That is the best word to describe the impact this huge piece of Smoky Phantom Quartz has when you look at it. The pictures don’t show the real life size that well. This is 2,3 kilo piece, filled with phantoms, rainbows and some Rutile on the surface as well. However what makes this an even more interesting crystal is the manifestation inside. A manifestation is another crystal that has grown into the other crystal. A manifestation Quartz can help you manifest those things you would like to realize. There are some really cool phantoms on the inside as well, as you can see on one of the pictures. This Smoky Quartz beholds many different codes and forms of knowledge to share. It could be that it only unlocks those codes when it arrives at the right place. Surely it can take part within group meditations, or personal mediations and mystic travels to other realms. It is a stunning piece for sure.

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  • Smoky Quartz

    Smoky Quartz

    Beautiful smoky quartz with nice rainbows and a little bit Rutile as well. The energy is really grounding and also focuses on the hearth chakra. Bringing your inner rainbow alive.


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  • Smoky Quartz

    Smoky Quartz

    Perfectly shaped piece of Smoky Quartz. It is dark grey, almost black and is really clear. This fellow gets you centered within your inner self.

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  • Smoky Quartz with Rutile

    Smoky Quartz with Rutile

    You are looking at a very piece of Smoky Quartz cluster with Rutile and Hematite attached and included, from Brazil. There are 2 larger crystals, one of them seems to have grown a an Cathedral, and there are many smaller almost druzy like crystals.
    The Rutile is lovely formed, and there is a lot of Hematite that has attached in the spaces between the crystals. Energetically well the Smoky Quartz will connect you with the Earth and your body, while the Rutile parts will have our energetic Sun shine at you. Lovely piece.

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