Smoky Quartz Skull
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Smoky Quartz Skull

You are looking at a great phantomy light grey colored Smoky Quartz Skull, carved by hand in Brazil, by the famous carver Wilson. This fellow shares a very warming and touching energy. Grounds your spiritual energies, but most important: it can teach you about self love. And helps to transform those things that aren’t suitable within your life anymore. That kind of patterns, thoughts and such, that are still doing their routines but you are already able to life without.
A wonderful skull, with a great carving style as well.

€ 350,00

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Additional Information

Size: 7,5 cm high x 6,8 cm wide x 10,3 cm long
Weight: 820 grams

Smoky Quartz is one of the most effective grounding stones, who also has the ability to raise your energetic vibration when meditating. It grounds spiritual energies, neutralizes negative vibrations and teaches how to let go of things that are no use in life anymore.
On the psychological level it brings emotional peace of mind, it reduces depression and fears. It is a good healer on ambivalent feelings about incarnation because it helps to accept the physical body. It cleans the base chakra.