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Please let me introduce to you, Natahsa, a high quality Smoky Quartz skull, that has been in my personal collection or a few years.
She represents unconditional Love, and is strongly connected with the Flower of Life, and I believe she represents the centre Heart of the Flower of Life.
As said she has been part of my personal collection for years. Which was never my intention when I bought her, because my intention was to pass her on trough my shop right away.
Within the years she stayed here, we have bonded strongly and did a lot of work together. Mostly during meditations that I have been giving between December 2013 and May 2015 in order to raise the vibrations of Mother Earth and world peace.
She has thought me many lessons, and most of them where about how to love myself unconditionally. Because she is so strongly connected with the Flower of Life, she is always sending out delicate vibrations and the codes of the Flower of Life, not matter where she or whoever is around her. That is just what she does. And I have enjoyed my time with her a lot, and also working with her in meditations and healing sessions. She is a true healer that is just full of unconditional Love. The last year we started to connect less and less with each other, until one day she told me it was time for her to move on. And her wish is mine to grant.

She is a 2 kilo Smoky Quartz skull, created from an outstanding quality. Almost clear, and carries a lot of rainbows inside her. The carving is precise, and from high quality.
She has been carved by a famous Brazilian carver. She represents unconditional Love from the Flower of Life. She is really sweet, and does not only help to planet on humanity but also her keeper will be drowned be her sweet vibrations when holding her.

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Additional Information

Size: 10,5 cm high x 13 cm deep x 9,5cm wide
Weight: 1953 grams

Smoky Quartz is one of the most effective grounding stones, who also has the ability to raise your energetic vibration when meditating. It grounds spiritual energies, neutralizes negative vibrations and teaches how to let go of things that are no use in life anymore.
On the psychological level it brings emotional peace of mind, it reduces depression and fears. It is a good healer on ambivalent feelings about incarnation because it helps to accept the physical body. It cleans the base chakra.