Blue Tiger Eye Skull
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Blue Tiger Eye Skull

This Tiger Eye Skull is probably one of the coolest and most beautiful skulls I have seen to date. It carved with the upmost precision, it has a very nice shape and no flaws at all. The quality of the Tiger Eye is stunning. It even has blue Tiger Eye accents which is not very common in skulls. It has the most beautiful glossy shine on it. Just a lovely skull.

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Additional Information

Size: 3,5 cm High x 3,2 cm Wide x 4,2 cm Long
Weight: 59 grams

Tiger Eye combines the Earth-energies with the energies of the Sun to create a high vibration that is grounding at the same time. It is protective stone to protect against bad wishes and spells. It helps you to achieve goals, and to see your own inner resources. It also a useful stone for those who don’t feel connected with the Earth or anything evolving on it. It eases manifestation of the own will, and anchors changes within the physical body.
Mentally it increases practical observations, and helps to collect scattered information and making it whole and understandable.
It cures issues regarding self-respect, self criticism and blocked creativity. It helps you recognize your talents but also the things that need some extra attention in order to grow.
It balance the inner Yin and Yang energy and sheds energy to the emotional body.