Realistic Amber Skull
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Realistic Amber Skull

You are looking at a highly detailed Amber Skull, that is created by a true Indonesian Master carver. The quality Amber where it is made from is stunning. Darkly brown, with yellow accents. And with the light shining on it from the right angle it has a kind of blue shine on the outside. Besides the looks, the energy it important as well. It is a skull with loving energies. Feeling warm on the Hearth chakra for instance, when holding it. The skull is able to touch you n the inside and activate different chakra’s. However every skull has its own mission within this incarnation and everyone should feel for their self what this beautiful skull can do for you.



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Additional Information

Size: 1,4cm High x 1,1 cm Wide x 1,8 cm Long
Weight: 1,4 grams

Amber is actually not a crystal or stone, it is Resin from trees and sometimes it is fossilized resin. That does not make any less powerful. There are different colors of Amber ranging from yellow and orange to blue and dark red.
Amber is known because of its soft, warm and calming energy. Because it comes from trees it has a strong connection with the Earth, and is capable to assist in grounding higher forms of energy.
It cleanses and purifies any discomforts, within your surroundings and also your chakra’s. It is also a protective stone that connects the daily self with the higher spiritual realities.
Amber can assist you in getting more stability within your life, and its warm and shining energies create a spontaneous attitude.
It promotes creative self expression, it creates balance and patience, encourages in taking decisions and supports the memory. Emotionally it a peaceful attitude and develops trust.