Jade Skull
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Jade Skull

Another amazing Jade Skull, also known as Nefrite, carved by a true master from Bali, Indonesia. It has been carved for Skulls & Stones exclusively. The rough, or better yet tumbled stone was collected within the Netherlands and shipped to a very talented carver who transformed it into a very beautiful skull.
Besides the physical details, like his eyes and nose, it carries a long a very nice energy. It is strong, peaceful, wise and very confident about itself. When holding it you will feel a very friendly energy.
Like he is saying, it is all right, you have experienced to hard parts of life, no it is time to let go and relax. And according to his own words he is here to restore or re-awake inner peace.
A very unique skull indeed, with a very personal mission, and very cool physical details.

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Additional Information

Size: 2,4 cm High x 2,1 cm Wide x 2,8 cm Long
Weight: 18,2 grams

Jade symbolizes purity and serenity. Within the East Jade has always been appreciated for its wisdom that is collected in the vibrations of peace and silence. It is associated with the Heart Chakra, and promotes love and caring. It is also a protective crystal that protects its bearer from harm and gives harmony.
Jade also stabilizes personality and integrates the spirit with the body. It promotes the ability to be independent. It expels negative thoughts and soothes the mind. It is a stone of dreams, placed on the head it creates dreams full of inspiration and insights.
Spiritually Jade encourages you to be who you really are. It helps you to see yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey and awakes hidden knowledge.
Although a very well-known stone type it is very helpful, and recommended to have one in any home.