Blue Apatite Skull
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Blue Apatite Skull

You are looking at a very nice and rare blue Apatite Skull. It is a real lovely skull, and I love how there are some crystallized parts, where you can stare into. It energy is tender, caring or nurturing, a little refreshing and protecting. I feel you can take journeys into deeper parts of yourself together with this skull, in order to bring healing and stabilizing emotions. A lovely skull, great carving, and high quality Blue Apatite. Something you will not see every day.

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Additional Information

Size: 5,7 cm High x 5,4 cm Wide x 8,2 cm Long
Weight: 411 grams

Apatite works as an interface between awareness and matter, and in that way it promotes a humanitarian attitude. Although this stone is attuned to the future, it connects with past lives. It develops psychic abilities and spiritual attunement and deepens meditations. It awakes Kundalini, and helps communication and self-expression on all levels. Psychologically Apatite increases motivation and builds up energy reserves. It brings social flair and being open, and also encourages to be extrovert. It helps ending unnecessary modesty. It ends alienation and detachment.
It helps to end processing negative information about yourself or others and supports hyperactive and autistic children.
Apatite stimulates creativity and intellect, reduces confusion and helps to gather information that is personal and commonly useful. It expands knowledge and truth. It also soothes and soften sadness, anger, apathy and frustration. It ends emotional weariness and being bummed out. By setting energies within the base Chakra free it strengthens passion without feelings of guilt.
Blue Apatite also connects you with a higher form of spiritual guidance. It makes speaking in public easier, improves communication within groups and opens the throat Chakra. It heals the Heart and emotional causes.