Amazonite Skull
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Amazonite Skull

A very hypnotizing Amazonite Skull, that is really strong and vibrant. Looking to its eyes really make you feel hypnotized a bit, and will share a lot of information between you and the skull. That can really be felt afterwards, like the energetic body, especially around the Heart Chakra, has been cleansed without doing anything. So in other words, a very unique and powerful skull that really helps you in being open and carefree. Very nice carving style as well and also very nice colors.


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Additional Information

Size: 2,8 cm High x 2,2 cm Wide x 3,4 cm Long
Weight: 36,3 grams

Amazonite is very nice stone type. It blocks geopathic stress, absorbs radiations of for instance, microwaves and mobile phones.
But more important it calms the mind and harmonizes the ethereal body with the physical to create a healthy situation. It brings the male and female in balance, and also other aspects of your personality. It helps you to see both sides of one situation, or even from different point of views. It eases traumatic memories and it dissolves negativity and fears. It also expels negative energies and grudges.
It opens the Heart and Throat Chakra’s, to improve loving and affectionate communication. It also opens the Third Eye Chakra and the intuition.