Quartz Skull
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Quartz Skull

You are looking at great Quartz Skull, carved by hand in Brazil. It is made from a high quality Quartz, with some phantoms floating in his head as well. Very nice, and nicely carved.
He has is strong and purifying, and also somehow really Cosmic, like he guides you to a small journey through the stars. Humorous and funny, friendly and intelligent are the words that describe this fellow best.


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Additional Information

Size: 6cm High x 5cm Wide x 8cm Long - Weight: 355 grams

Quartz is probably the most common crystal that is known. But please do not underestimate what is has to offer. First of all it’s a good cleanser of environments. Because it absorbs energy, it storages it and gives it back as well. This crystal works with the level of vibration that is in tune with specific energetic needs of the one that needs healing. It raises the energy to the highest level, and can work as a cosmic library when it is consulted with that intention. It reduces unnecessary los of energy to the ones who work with it.