Blue Chalcedony Skull
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Blue Chalcedony Skull

You are looking at a sweet Blue Chalcedony Skull, carved by an American artist, from a high quality Chalcedony. It even looks like a mixture of white and blue chalcedony. This skull has been living with me personally for a while and he sends out a really calm energy. When placing him somewhere on your stomach you will be treated with a storm of calming blue energies. A sweet and calm being, that deserves a great place to stay.


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Additional Information

Size: 6 cm (high) x 5,5 cm (wide) x 7,5 cm long
Weight: 322 grams

Blue Chalcedony is a very creative stone that opens the spirit to receive new ideas and to adjust to new situations. It creates flexibility and fluency, it improves communication and listening, and it also is a good stone for learning new languages.
This stone was once used for weather magic and to cure diseases who were connected to weather influences. Physically it supports the recovery of the mucosa.
Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes fellowship and strengthens the stability in groups. It can be used to transfer thoughts and telepathic. It absorbs negative energy and dissolves it and avoids it to be spread around. Chalcedony creates harmony between mind, body and spirit. It improves self confidence and creates to space for reflection.