13 Cryolite Skull Set
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13 Cryolite Skull Set

You are looking at a great set made of 13 Cryolite Skulls. Amazing how things can work, because personally I have never intended these skulls to end up in this grid, but the ever-flowing energy somehow inspired me to it. This amazing great skull set is made of 12 small Cryolite Skulls, and some of them have Siderite inclusions, and a few even have wonderful tiny golden colored Pyrite inclusions. And then there is the main Cryolite Skull, the larger master. He has Galena inclusions, and even a bit of Siderite.
The energy that all of these skulls create together is just beyond your imagination. When first put together there was just a big energetic explosion, spraying around geometric shapes like the flower of life. They carry very high vibrations and a very strong connection with other and higher realms and dimensions.
They can act like a kind of transportation ship or portal. When I first tested the grid, a white ray of light just beamed me up to a white colored energetic realm, that felt real tender and calm. Because of their connections with other realms of higher knowledge and frequencies, I think this grid can be very useful for Lightworkers who have a strong connection with Mother Earth, and are dedicated to raising her energy and the collective energy and vibrations of Humanity.
Because these 13 lovely and holy beings can be used to manifest and create energetic grids around our globe and within our dimensions. re pictures available on request.

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Additional Information

Size large skull: 3,3 cm high x 2,8 cm wide x 4 cm deep
Size small skulls: around 2 cm high x 2 cm wide x 2,5 cm deep
Weight large skull: 68 grams
Small skull between 15 and 20 grams
Total weight: 276 grams

Cryolite is praised for its ability to raise consciousness, it cleanses and purifies all the ethereal bodies, making higher states of consciousness easier to access.
It is also able to move out energetic plagues , implants and parasites and eliminates mental coercions and compulsions.
Cryolite promotes contact with your higher self and your soul, aligns you with your spiritual truth and. It stimulates you to live from the heart. With this crystal you can overcome indecision because it frees you from limited ways of thinking, old believe systems and emotional conditions. It helps you to discover where you want your life to go, and what is the best and shortest route to get there.