Star Ruby with Fuchsite
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Star Ruby with Fuchsite

This is a big and chunky natural Star Ruby wand with a crystal Fuchsite coating. A heartwarming crystal that also gives protection, by giving you a save shield to hide or relax in. A lovely white and green Fuchsite crystal coating around the crimson red Ruby make this a very attractive piece.


€ 120,00

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Additional Information

Size: 4,4 cm long x 2,1 cm wide x 2,3 cm high
Weight: 49,5 grams

Ruby give strength and energy to life, it creates balance. But it can also stimulate sensitive persons too much. It encourages to have passion for life, and improves your motivation and to set realistic goals.
Ruby stimulates the Heart Chakra, and creates balance within the Heart. It creates a shield against psychic attacks and vampirism of Heart energies. This crystal also promotes positive dreaming and clear visualizations, and stimulates the pineal body. It I a stone of abundance and helps to hold onto your wealth.
Psychologically Ruby ends anger and rages energies and stimulates the removal of all negativity that has crossed your path. It promotes dynamic leadership. Mentally it creates a positive and brave state of mind. It improves concentration.
Emotionally it feeds the desires, awakes enthusiasm and attracts sexual activity.
Fuchsite give access to knowledge with great practical value. It can help to channel information about herbal treatments and holistic remedies. This stone will show how to be of service without getting into struggle of power or false humbleness. Many people who offer services are doing that from a feeling of “not being enough” and fuchsite teaches them their own personal values.
Fuchsite shows what is suitable and necessary to let your soul grow and helps to stay motionless when others are going through their personal experiences and learning their lessons.
It is useful in situations where it appears you are helping someone, but actually are taking great psychological satisfaction from it. Fuchsite will put both souls on their own unique path. Fuchsite also gives strength to withdraw yourself from negative family conflicts and dynamics.