Pyritized Ammonite
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Pyritized Ammonite

You are looking at a wonderful chunky Pyritized Ammonite, with a fully Opalized backside from Russia. Wonderful to see the golden colored Pyrite with the contrast of the colorful Opal in the middle of the opening. The open chambers of this Ammonite have druzy Pyrite crystals inside them!
This specimen will awaken Kundalini, and shed a protective tender colored Light around you to open the ways for connection with higher realms.
Wonderful piece!

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Additional Information

Weight: 10 grams
Size: 2,9 cm high x 2,7 cm wide x 1 cm long

Ammonites, and Ammolite, are very effective gems to activate metaphysical powers and open the way for inter dimensional research. Very effective when placed on the third eye or soma chakra. It represents the completion of a full circle. It brings assistance during rebirth periods. It activates personal will, and transforms negative energies into a tender flowing spiral.
When placed on the third eye this strong karmic cleanser will reduce or end mental obsessions and soul imperatives from passed lives.
Psychologically it will stimulate survival instincts and the conscious that you will make it, as longs as you will pursue.
It will loosen up traumatic birth memories that are disturbing the cranio-sacral flow.
According to the Feng-Shui traditions, Ammonites are stones to attract wealth, prosperity, vitality and good luck.