Pink Fluorite
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Pink Fluorite

You are looking at a lustrous and translucent piece of Pink Fluorite from Mexico.  It has some rainbows inside and a very lovely pink color. It seems the bottom of this crystal has been polished and the rest is left as it is.
Energy wise it is a nice crystal as well, to me personally it feels that it can bring you back in loving touch with your own body, feeling the energy in your body flow again and make you life the vibrations of your own body.


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Additional Information

Size: 3,7 cm high x 3,8 cm wide x 2,3 cm thick
Weight: 50 grams

Fluorite comes in different color formations, most common is bi colored Fluorite with combinations of purple, green, brown and white. It is a great stone to help you relieve stress, and reorganize your mental, emotional and physical bodies. Because it cleanses, purifies and expels all that is not perfect to restore chaos and internal disorder.
Fluorite grounds and integrates spiritual energies. It increases intuitive abilities and can make you more aware of higher spiritual realities. It brings progress on many levels and can bring structure into daily life.
Fluorite has the ability to dissolve rooted habits and opens the door the unconsciousness and brings out unacknowledged and suppressed emotions. By bringing movement to rooted habits and energetic blockages, it helps you to see things in a greater perspective again. It increases self-confidence and increases the attention span.