Dioptase on Limonite
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Dioptase on Limonite

Very nice Dioptase crystals within a crusty Limonite matrix. The frontside shows a large amount of larger Dioptase crystals clustered together, while the backside hosts tinier crystals. Some of them have are shiny and lustrous, while others are more mat. Energetically it releases tensions from the Heart Chakra, activates the Heart as well, and helps to relax and enjoy the energies of this crystal. Some traces of white Calcite as well in this piece.


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Additional Information

Weight: 43,2 grams
Size: 4,5 cm high x 4,5 cm wide x 3 cm deep

Dioptase is a strong healer of the Heart and opens the higher Heart Chakra. Its wonderful blue-green color brings all Chakra’s towards a higher functional level, eases spiritual attunement and reaches the highest consciousness levels.
On a psychological level Dioptase improves living in the here and now, and activates paradoxical enough past life memories. It supports a positive attitude towards life itself and shares the ability to attune to the own inner sources for help. It helps to manifest to own potential.
Dioptase is very beneficial for doubters because it helps to point out the right directions.
Mentally it is a efficient cleanser and purifier. It frees from the habit to control others and can form a bridge to deep emotional healing, especially for the inner child.
Its green radiation reaches deep into the Heart to absorb forgotten sorrow and unhealed wounds. It ends sorrow, hurt, betrayal and sadness and heals hurting feelings of abandonment.
Dioptase teaches us that pain and troubles within an relationship are actually a reflection of being separated with the inner self. By restoring the bond with the inner self Dioptase can attract new love to fill the black hole that hunkers for love. It cleanses our vision of how love should be and brings a new vibration for love.